OculoMatrix® is a dehydrated amniotic membrane allograft, designed for use in ophthalmology applications.

OculoMatrix® is available in two thicknesses, for optimal handling in a variety of applications.

SkyeWebsiteIcons-12 OCULOMATRIX® THIN
OculoMatrix®45 is a thinner graft, derived from amnion membrane, providing a versatile graft for a range of applications. It has a nominal thickness of 45 microns.


SkyeWebsiteIcons-13 OCULOMATRIX® THICK
OculoMatrix®200 is a thicker, chorion-based graft, providing alternative handling characteristics and visibility. It has a nominal thickness of 200 microns.


SkyeWebsiteIconsPurple-01 IDEAL HANDLING DRY OR WET
OculoMatrix® is scientifically dehydrated for optimal structural integrity and handling. This allows the graft to be applied dry, or pre-moistened for easy application into tight areas. Read more about the unique HydraTek® Process here.


SkyeWebsiteIconsPurple-02 NATURAL ADHERENCE
OculoMatrix® adheres naturally to the patient’s tissues. If necessary, light fixation or a bandage covering may be utilized to keep the graft in place.


SkyeWebsiteIconsPurple-03 OMNI-DIRECTIONAL
OculoMatrix® can be applied in either direction, with no orientation issues.


SkyeWebsiteIconsPurple-08 NON-IMMUNOGENIC
Amniotic membranes are considered ‘immune privileged’, meaning they induce little or no immune response in the patient, which can lead to graft failure or fibrosis. No blood typing or donor matching is required.


SkyeWebsiteIconsPurple-04 STERILE
OculoMatrix® is provided sterile in a dual peel-pouch, and may be introduced to the sterile field.


SkyeWebsiteIconsPurple-09 STORAGE
OculoMatrix®  is stored at ambient temperature (50-86°F/10-30°C) until ready for use. Product has a 5 year shelf life.



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