welcome to skye biologics

Skye® Biologics is a regenerative biomedical company focused on bioengineering, designing, processing and marketing medical advancing human tissue biologics.
Our mission is to continuously innovate and advance cutting edge bioengineered medical solutions to assist in achieving optimal clinical outcomes.

Surgical Products
Innovative amniotic membrane and placental grafts for multi-specialty surgical use.
Wound Care
Improved membrane and flowable grafts for wound care applications.
In Office Treatment Management
Specifically formulated for in-office treatment of sports med and interventional conditions.
Regenerative Med Procedures
Designed for in office derm, cosmetic and regenerative med procedures.
Improved amniotic membrane discs and grafts for ophthalmic surgery.
Premium osteobiologic & soft tissue allografts.
Osprey® Spinal Grafts
Allograft bio-implant specialists for spinal surgery.